Josephine Pauline Prellwitz

Josephine was raised on the farm that her mother was born on.  Josephine grew up around the Morrowville area, 1 ½ miles west of Reno, and still lives there.  After her husband, Albinus Linenberger, got out of the army, the couple moved back to the farm and picked up where they had left off.

I was born on a farm near Hanover, then my folks moved to a farm 7 miles east of Mahaska on a farm my mother was born on.  I was the oldest of 10 children and went to a country school, Stephens No. 129.  I did not go to high school.  In about 1939, I met Al and in April 30, 1941, we were married in Saints Peter and Paul Church, Morrowville.  About 2 years after we were married Al went into the Army.  By that time we had Mary.  She was about 1 ½ years old when he left.  When he came home, we settled on a farm which was my Dad’s, which later we bought in 1947.  We had Jim and in 1950, John.  The children all went to Country School, Albia No. 25.  Then they went to high school in Morrowville.  Jim and John went to Kansas State.  They all have homes of their own.

On April 28, 1991, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.  We still live on the farm 8 ½ miles east of Mahaska.  We had a farm sale in June, 1993.

Albinus Anthony (Al) Linenberger

Al married Josephine and set up their home about 1 ½ miles west of Reno, north of Morrowville.  Al went to war shortly after getting married.  When he got out of the army, he returned to his farm and has been farming ever since.

Al was born 11 miles north of Victoria, Kansas.  He was the 4th child of 13.  Then the family moved to a farm south of Grinnell and went to the Plensant View school.  The family then moved to a place 2 miles west and 2 ¼ miles south of Orian.  Al only went through the 8th grade.  In 1936, he came to Washington County.  He worked as much as he could, then he married.  He served time in the army, came home and farmed.

In 1975 he had back surgery.  In 1979 he had his 2nd back surgery.  In 1988 it was discovered that he had heart troubles.




                                   Carlee Christine            DOB May 8, 1989

                                   Chelsee Elizabeth         DOB May 4, 1993


                                   Zachery Tyler               DOB July 8, 1988


                          Edward A             Killed February 13, 1994


                          Alex John       DOB July 7, 1986                DOD July 7, 1986

Omer Herbert (Curly) Linenberger

Omer married Bridget Brungardt in Washington and lived there for awhile.  They then moved to Salina, Kansas.  Omer worked as a machinist and then at a Post Office in Salina, Kansas.  They never had children, but have always enjoyed being around them.

Bridget Brungardt

Bridget and her husband, Omer Linenberger, moved to Salina, Kansas in the middle fifties, where Omer worked at a Post Office.  Bridget kept house.  They owned a home in the west part of town.  They never had children of their own, but enjoyed being around them.

(Recorded on tape by Omer Linenberger)

How we arrive at Hanjoerg, translated John George Linenberger, our great, great, great grandfather.

And how our grandmother, Margaret Brungardt, relates us to Bridget, Ben, Katie, Joe and those Brungardts.  Margaret was our dad’s mother.

The great, great, great grandfather, information can be found in “The Linenberger Genealogy”.  It is a blue book by Amy Toepfer and Agnes C. Dreiling.

 Page                                                DOB                Birth Place         DOD

                (Our dad)

121          John Linenberger                12/26/1892           


                Elizabeth Kinderknecht       3/4/1896


                (Our grandfather)

108          Andrew Linenberger            4/19/1858        Herzog, Russia    5/2/1939

married   1/1877 @ Hays, KS

109                   Margaret Brungardt    9/17/1858                                 12/2/1900 @ St Margaret’s Hospital, K.C., MO


(Grandmother was a sister to Bridget, Ben, Katie and Joe’s grandfather.  Their dad and our dad were 1st cousins.)

                         Barbara Quint           No Record                                 8/18/1937 @ Sterling, CO

Andrew and Margaret Linenberger came to America sometime between their marriage in 1877 and the birth of their first child, born in 1884.  They had twins, Balthasar (Bill) on 12/1/1884 and Joseph on 12/2/1884.

When they came to America they homesteaded 2 ½ miles north of Victoria, Kansas.  In 1893 they moved to Scott County, Kansas.  In 1896 Andrew bought land near Emmeran, Kansas.

 105          Joseph Linenberger           11/22/1838            (Our Great Grandfather)


                   Katharine Younger          1840


                   Margaret Schamne          1842

87            Melchior Linenberger          1800                (Our Great, Great Grandfather)


                   Katharine Kuhn               1805  


                   Katharine Klipphahn        1813

 7            Hanjoerg (John George) Linenberger 1767  (Our Great, Great, Great Grandfather)


                Margaret Fisher

                                When Hanjoerg was nine years old, he was captured by the Kirghiz. 

                                A nomadic tribe.  Hanjoerg lived with the Kirghiz people against his

                                will for 11 years.  He did escape them and found his way back home. 7             Joseph Linenberger (Our Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather)

Joseph was a carpenter by trade.  The first house he built in Russia, he staked out the plot for the house and built or formed the frames for the walls (by weaving willows through stakes and poles, driven into the ground where the walls were to be).  One frame finished, he made another one just like it, eighteen inches apart.  Into that space he poured soil, sand and straw, which had been mixed with water.  When these walls were thoroughly dry, he laid logs and young trees across the top for a roof.  Next a covering of leaves and willows and a final layer of dirt.

The walls inside were plastered with a mixture of soil, sand and water.  The floor was leveled.  Water was poured on it and trampled upon until it was smooth and solid.

Anton Kinderknecht

                                                DOB           Birth Place                       DOD

    Anton Kinderknecht                2/26/1871       Marenthal, Russia              3/16/1932 @ Park, KS

married at Catherine, KS

    Catherine Meis                       6/24/1865      Catherine, Russia               1/19/1940 @ Park, KS

Anton Kinderknecht came to America 1/7/1892.  In June, 1907, their house at Park, Kansas burned down, caused by a lightning bolt.  This house was on their farm about  ¼ mile south of Park, Kansas.

This information is found in the Linenberger Genealogy and what our mother wrote about dad and mom’s parents.

                Anton Kinderknecht came to America 1/7/1892.  In June, 1907, their house at Park, Kansas burned down, caused by a lightning bolt.  This house was on their farm about  ¼ mile south of Park, Kansas.

This information is found in the Linenberger Genealogy and what our mother wrote about dad and mom’s parents.

The Kinderknecht Grandparents and family

Copied off Mom Linenberger’s writing of her parents

                Dad, Anton Kinderknecht, our grandfather, born February 26, 1871 in Marinthal, Russia.  He came to America on January 7, 1892.  He was the son of Anton Kinderknecht and Marie Elizabeth Hanses, my great grandfather and great grandmother.

                Anton Kinderknecht was married to Catherine Meis at Catherine, Kansas in the Catholic Church.  Mother, Catherine Meis, 1st marriage name was Koerner, 2nd marriage, Anton Kinderknecht.  Catherine Meis, born June 24, 1865.  She was the daughter of Henry Meis and Anny Kathryn Meis, maiden name Deppersmith.

                My great grandfather, Anton Kinderknecht, died August 5, 1892 at the age of 56 in Russia.  My great grandmother, Anna Kathryn Meis (Deppersmith) died March 21 at the age of 69 in Russia.

Children of Anton & Catherine Kinderknecht

                Name                              Married                      Born                 Died

                Alex                                Anna Bolig                  8/4/1894

                Marie Elizabeth               John Linenberger        3/4/1896

                Celestine                        Gus Vonfeldt               3/29/1900

                Anton Peter                     Susan Brungardt          7/12/1902

                Felix                               Anna Brungardt           5/29/1904

                Regina                            John Schaffer             8/31/1910

                Phillip                                                             8/19/1907         3/26/1921

                Katherine                                                        4/25/1898         4/25/1898


Celebrated Silver Wedding on January 7, 1919

Anton & Catherine Kinderknecht