[The following correspondence was typed exactly as they were written.]

John Linenberger wrote this letter to Elizabeth Linenberger on November 11, 1955 from Garden City, Kansas. While he worked in the sugar factory in Garden City, Elizabeth stayed at home in Washington, Kansas.

     Dear Loving Wife, to let you know that I am OK and hope the same of you.  I am enclosing a check and would put it in the bank.  Keep out what you need and tell Katie and Betty, thanks for the letters.  And tell all hello for me.  The weather is real nice so far so good.  I must quit.  I can't see the lines no more.  So by for this time.  Hope to hear from you and don't over do yourself at the Bazar.  Hope you know what I mean.  So by for now.  I remain your loving John as ever.

                                                                              John Linenberger

                                                                            502 N. 11 street

                                                                            Garden City, Kansas


Post Card from John Linenberger in 1943 to Omer


one from Omer to John and Elizabeth in 1942.

                Oct of 1943

                Dear Son Omer

                I am geting a                                                 Omer Linenberger

                fine and hope

                you and Tony                                                       Park.  Kans

                are the same

                I met John Woolf                                            in care of Tony

                from Park so I                                                                Kinderknecht

                am you bater

                John Linenberger


P.V.T. Omer H Linenberger

co. E-116

Serail No 37236568

Frt. Levenworth Kans.

             Dear Folks                                                                           John A. Linenberger

                We left Levenworth

                Morrowville Kansas

                Sat. at 6:00 o'clock &

                have reached Pocatello

                Idaho, & except to travel

                all night & tomorrow.

                Closed with Love

                                Omer Linenberger  

Mom's last letter to us dated July 22th, 1979

  Hi Folks

     I am late to answer your late letter but I donít know anything new to write and its quite hot these days, so I donít like to set still to write althou I donít move around much anyway so that isnít a good excuse  Isabel & Ben started to go to Councle Groves to see Phil & Wanda the 15th morning it was raining some and storming but went anyway or at least start but when they come down south the 7 mile and went east through Greenleaf but after they where about 1 Ĺ mile east there it lightened & thunder and strug their car. it nacked out the back glass it most all went to Issie in her lap & neck it also nacked the antenna & C.B. out & some holes in the road one neighbor saw the flash & tryed to see if they where O.K. and they both shere but Ben wanted Issie to go to Dr to see if the shock did something to her but the Dr. said she was fine, only it scared her and both  I donít know if Victor writes you they still have to go to Manhatten Mon. & Fri. each week and she is coming better all the time what he says.

     I of course donít get to see or talk to them except on phone, but Victor is working Ĺ days the other days, but I heard he was sick with his nernes Sun.  again I called them bu Linus answered he said he was fair this evening Issie & Ben where in Omaha Nebr. Sat. & Sun. & come home Monday.

     Well I better say Good Luck to yourís and close this with

My Love


P.S.  I saw smoke signal Paper that they had a public sale last Sat but did not hear from them


Newspaper Clipping

(Our Aunt)

Garden City - Susanna (Mrs. Joseph L.) Linenberger, 91, died Friday.  Service 10 a.m. today, St. Mary Catholic Church, Garden City.

Survivors:  sons, Bill, Ben, Bert, Don, all of Garden City, Jack of Holcomb, Joe Jr. of Sugar City, Colo; daughters, Mrs. Helen Weldon, Mrs. Stella Schmale, Mrs. Isabel Frick, all of Garden City, Sister M. Celeste of Wichita, Alice of Biloxi, Miss.