By Betty Burnett

1 Railroad working man (call him John Andrew Linenberger) and 1 90 pound woman (letís name her Lizzie Kinderknecht)

1. Mix these two ingredients together first ..... then..... add .....

2. 6 boys + 6 girls + 1 candy-armed, knock-kneed, and pigeon-toed kid.

3. Get some BAKVASER (starter) from grandma Kinderknecht for the yeast.

4. Get some potato water and some flour from the wheat fields of western Kansas.

5. Kneed the dough by mixing in the depression, the dust bowls, World War II, the Korean War, death of loved ones, a lot of love, a glop of hard work, and a teeny weeny bit of good luck.

6. Have the kids gather lots of cow chips and throw them in an old cook stove (the chips, NOT the kids unless one has had lung surgery) and cook for 71 years.

7. Add some zip to the BAKVASER called partners to hold the dough together and to give it substance.

8. Pass the BAKVASER on to the descendants of John and Lizzie, so they too can make the BREAD OF LIFE.

9. Have a get-together at least once a year to remember the love, the glop of hard work and the teeny weeny bits of good luck that kept us all together.